Friday, February 12, 2010

Well this is off to a slow start

I haven't been writing much on here but I plan to be better. Currently I am working on a letter of recommendation and my first paper itself. I find that I sit and stare at the screen a lot and then start clicking on other things that need my attention rather than working on things I should. I need to uninstall all web browsers to completely disconnect myself from the world some days. I do find it fascinating to be caught up in local, national, and world news at the moment. I like working at the computer some days but others its hard to want to look at the screen since my eyes got fraked up last semester. I need to learn to type better since I know where most of the keys are but I cannot seems to spell when I am not looking at the keyboard. I should probably learn the correct places to put my fingers as well and learn to type faster as well. Maybe that will be my goal after I start going to the gym again. So far so good since the coffee stopped. I think its was the root of many problems I have been suffering from .

I know the above post was pretty random but it was meant to literally be a start to writing and get the juices flowing without looking at the keys as I was typing. GOOD DAY MY FRIENDS :)